Estate Administration & Trusts

When you die, we can administer or assist your personal representatives to administer your estate; that is identify and collect in all your assets and pay your debts, taxes and other expenses.

What remains would then be divided amongst those people and organisations that, under your will or the Intestacy laws, are entitled to a share. These are the services we can provide:

  • Act as executors & trustees
  • Identify and value assets
  • Apply for Grant of Probate
  • Apply for Letters of Administration
  • Identify and pay debts
  • Claim benefits/exemptions from Inheritance Tax
  • Prepare Inland Revenue accounts
  • Deeds of variation and family arrangements/agreements

We can deal with all the matters arising from your will or intestacy, or just the necessary legal formalities. The work can be time consuming and attention to detail is essential. A specialist solicitor can take over much of the burden at a difficult time and provide practical advice based on experience. If we have prepared the will, we will be aware of its provisions and ready to act upon them.

We can sort out the inevitable problems caused by intestacy and propose how to deal with any provisions that prove to be unacceptable to the family or other beneficiaries.

If continuing trusts arise under the will or intestacy we can continue to administer, or assist the trustees with the trust including annual tax planning and returns.