Part of your management team

Our solicitors have wide commercial experience. You can draw on this expertise by including your contact Partner in your management team, involved in the strategic development and everyday problems of your business.

Whatever your opportunities or problems, we are likely to be able to bring experience of similar issues to bear. Our advice is unbiased and objective, and can include:

  • Factual analysis of current difficulties and opportunities
  • Acting as a sounding board for your ideas
  • Using a different perspective to suggest alternative courses of action
  • Acting as an interface between you, your banker, shareholders and other creditors
  • Ensuring problem areas are clearly identified, then resolved
  • Introducing you to, and managing the input of, other reputable professional advisers who can help you achieve your objectives

Our Partners have wide experience of business operations and numerous contacts in and around Worthing, the south coast and London. Our advice encompasses EU as well as UK laws and regulations. One solicitor supervises each client's work, calling in the appropriate expertise from other parts of the firm, and outside, as it is required. This ensures deadlines are met, costs are controlled and time managed efficiently.

If you would like more information or to discuss how we can help, please contact us today